Asset Sales

There is so much more that can be done to achieve an optimal outcome for a property asset than simply advertising it for sale and negotiating with the highest bidder.

When preparing a listing, Barnao Property assesses the potential of each asset to determine a strategy that will achieve the best possible outcome. We acknowledge that each situation is different, given circumstances of sale, market conditions, and opportunity.

Once a strategy has been developed and set in motion, Barnao Property will oversee a high-quality campaign, showcasing the best attributes of your property, ensuring maximum exposure to buyers and keeping you informed every step of the way. Our service and commitment do not stop until the property has settled.

We stay across the very latest in digital and social media marketing strategies, advertising channels and buyer needs to deliver the highest quality campaigns and negotiated outcome.

Asset Buying

The acquisition of property is both an exciting and risky exercise and as land continues to become a scarce resource in Western Australia, ensuring the selection of the right site to suit a specific need requires care, knowledge and expertise.

Buyers want assurance a site will satisfy their requirements according to location, size, permitted uses, surrounding uses, access, and of course, return, to shore up long term success in their new location.

Once a suitable site has been identified, risk management tactics are essential to mitigate against unexpected and costly surprises further down the track. Barnao Property applies robust due diligence practices to provide buyers with the best chances of success in realising the benefits of their purchase.

Some larger asset sales and acquisitions that Barnao Property has advised on include:

SiteDescriptionSizeSale Price
ToodyayEstate of heritage listed sites2.00 ha$1.80m
WoodlandsPrivate institution site0.70 ha$5.20m
WannerooEnglobo site with structure plan approval9.29 ha$13.25m
Angelico St WoodlandsAged Care Site1.00 ha$7.80m
Seville GroveEnglobo site approved for subdivision15.42 ha$10.25m
Helena ValleySubdivision and sale of 105 discrete residential lots7.60 ha$27.00m
High WycombeEnglobo site approved for subdivision11.08 ha $3.00m
Yangebup Business ParkEnglobo site approved for subdivision25.78 ha$7.75m
Constellation Drive, Ocean ReefEnglobo site approved for subdivision4.08 ha $3.45m

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